Use Internet sparingly – save more electricity

In a world where we are talking about an Eco – friendly planet and being socially responsible, its up-to us to decide how we do it and it starts from saving electricity.

Yes, just for an example, it’s not just your computer, laptop or a device that consumes electricity while surfing the internet; but there is a list things that also does the same in the background, starting from of your Internet Service Provider burning it for providing internet connection and the servers of the website you’re viewing. Sometimes the resources for a website resides on multiple locations, causing more consumption of electricity. So the more we use Internet unnecessary the more we consume various resources.

The idea behind Information Technology is to make things easier but I find it making things more complex. It is meant to provide solutions but it has started becoming a problem.

For that matter the developers should focus on developing end user applications
that load faster and that way consume lesser electricity. Build Apps which are nice and smooth.

For others who contribute on the Internet don’t generate crappy materials.
The World Wide Web and its patrons are looking at something informative and useful. Create content which is worthy it may be in the form of an informational site, an app or a simple blog. There are thousands of search engine crawling the web, the more efforts they’ve to take to read over data, the more they consume electricity, & the list goes on…

So do keep in mind, that the more sparing and cleverly we use the internet; the more we can enjoy out of it. Don’t just while our time away and spend those valuable Amps of electricity, save it for some good stuff that we may use it for in the future. Lest the time and this valuable resource becomes hardly available one day!

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